Delta Air Lines Commits $1 Bln To Go Carbon Neutral

Delta Air Lines Inc. said Friday that it will invest $1 billion over the next decade to mitigate all greenhouse gas emissions from its global business, starting March 1, 2020. The company intends to become the first airline in the world to go carbon neutral.

The airline said that over the next decade, it will spend $1 billion to drive innovation, advance clean-air travel technologies, accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions, as well as establish new projects to mitigate the balance of emissions.

The aviation industry accounts for about 2 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Delta’s carbon footprint is its largest environmental impact, with 98 percent of emissions coming from its aircraft.

Delta said that through enterprise-wide efforts, it plans to decrease the use of jet fuel and increase efficiency so as to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes a fleet renewal program, improved flight operations, weight reduction, and increased development as well as use of sustainable aviation fuels.

The company will also invest in projects and technology to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere such as through forestry, wetland restoration, grassland conservation, and marine and soil capture.

Delta plans to build coalitions with its employees, customers, suppliers, industry colleagues, investors and other stakeholders to advance carbon reduction and removal goals.

The Delta Environmental Sustainability Principles will guide its efforts to advance its path to carbon neutrality and overall sustainability, the airline noted.

Delta has also entered into partnerships to develop and produce sustainable aviation fuels. This includes the company’s recent partnership and offtake agreements with Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels and Gevo.

The airline has joined hands with the international advocacy organization Global Citizen on “Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream” event, to help reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on sustainability, gender equality and human capital.

Several other major companies too have announced plans to cut down carbon emissions in order to combat climate change. Microsoft plans to reduce its own carbon emissions by more than half, and to be carbon negative by 2030. This means the company will remove more carbon than it emits each year.

In September 2019, e-commerce giant Amazon co-founded and signed the Climate Pledge, a plan to make companies carbon neutral by 2040 and reach the goal of the Paris Accord ten years ahead of schedule.

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