Ford To Revive Bronco As Dedicated Off-road Brand

Ford plans to bring back the Bronco as a dedicated off-road brand when it launches an all-new 4×4 SUV lineup on July 13.

The automaker said it will introduce an all-new Bronco brand under the tagline, “Built Wild”. The new lineup includes two-door and four-door models of the Bronco as well as the Bronco Sport compact SUV.

According to Ford, the Bronco will be the only domestic brand of SUVs with standard 4×4.

The company is launching the three new Bronco vehicles on July 13 across Disney network channels – National Geographic, ESPN, ABC and Hulu.

“Bronco gave rise to the fun and versatile off-road SUV in 1966, becoming the first enjoyable sport utility vehicle for those who wanted to live, work and play outdoors. Like the original, the all-new Bronco family is engineered to take you to epic places, with capability to deliver confidence on any type of terrain,” said Jim Farley, Ford chief operating officer.

Ford started to develop off-road SUVs during World War II, when the automaker was included in a government competition to build rugged carry-all utilities for GIs in the battlefield. Ford’s entry was called the GP, for General Purpose.

The auto maker has built more than 270,000 Ford GPs for the Allied forces. The company later developed the Bronco as a more spacious, but durable off-road vehicle after the GP were found to be too small and uncomfortable for civilian life.

The original Bronco, launched in 1965, was nicknamed G.O.A.T., or go over any-type of terrain, by Donald Frey, the Ford product manager who championed both the Mustang and Bronco nameplates.

While Ford ended production of the Bronco in 1996, the SUV has been featured in more than 1,200 films and 200 songs.

In connection with launch of the new Bronco brand, Ford said it is creating four Bronco Off-Roadeos, described as off-roading and outdoor adventure playgrounds built for all skill levels. They will start opening next year.

Ford is also launching Bronco Nation, an online community that will connect current and future Bronco owners as well as off-road fans and outdoor enthusiasts.

Ford-licensed Bronco merchandise such as Bronco gear and remote control cars will be available for sale on Amazon.

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