Ghislaine Maxwell Quarantined After Jail Staffer Catches Covid

Ghislaine Maxwell has been placed in quarantine after a staff member of the jail where she is being held tested positive for the coronavirus, U.S. prosecutors said Monday.

After the staffer’s diagnosis, Maxwell was found with a rapid test to be free of Covid 19, the prosecutors said in a letter to the judge handling the criminal case against Maxwell, who is accused of aiding Jeffrey Epstein in the sexual abuse of underaged girls.

Maxwell will remain in quarantine for 14 days — and will then be re-tested — at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York. “During her time in quarantine, the defendant will be housed in the same cell where she was already housed before she was placed in quarantine, and medical staff and psychology staff will continue to check on the defendant every day,” prosecutors in the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office said in the letter.

The prosecutors also said Maxwell was provided with a laptop computer to review the voluminous evidence in the case.

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Maxwell will still be permitted out of her cell three days each week for 30 minutes, according to the letter. She’ll also be allowed to shower, make personal phone calls and use email. She’ll be able to have phone conversations with her legal defense team every day for up to three hours in a room where she’s alone and where no jail staff can hear her communications with counsel. Once she’s cleared after quarantine, Maxwell will be permitted out of her isolation cell from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day prosecutors said.

Maxwell previously complained of “onerous” incarceration conditions, but U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan in August denied her request to be released into the general jail population.

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