Google HR Head Stepping Down

Google’s head of human resources Eileen Naughton is stepping down from her role at the company, reports said. Her departure comes amid rising tensions between the tech giant’s management and employees.

Naughton has been Google’s Vice President of People Operations from 2016. She is reportedly moving to New York to be closer to her family and will take another role within the company.

“We’re grateful to Eileen for all she’s done and look forward to her next chapter at Google,” Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, was quoted as saying.

Naughton’s departure comes amid growing employee activism at Google. Google fired four employees in November 2019 for allegedly violating its data-security policies.

In November 2018, about 20,000 Google employees staged a company-wide walkout after learning that some high-level Google executives received multi-million dollar severance packages despite allegations of sexual misconduct against them.

Google parent Alphabet’s shareholders filed a lawsuit against the company in January 2019 related to a reported $90 million severance package paid to former Android co-founder Andy Rubin, who left the company after being accused of sexual misconduct.

Google’s long-time chief legal officer David Drummond retired in January this year, with his departure coming amid an internal investigation into allegations of his sexual misconduct.

Earlier, Google had under intense criticism from its employees for its participation in Project Maven, a Pentagon program that uses artificial intelligence to analyze video imagery used by military drones. Google later said it will not allow its artificial-intelligence products to be used in military weapons.

The tech giant also had dropped plans to create a censored version of its search engine for China after severe criticism from its employees and human rights groups.

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