Google Services Including YouTube, Gmail Suffer Outage

Google services including Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive experienced widespread outages around the world on Monday. The outage impacted services across Google parent Alphabet’s portfolio.

People took to social media to report error messages like “There was an error”,” Please try again later” while accessing Gmail, and messages such as “Something went wrong” for YouTube.

However, the services are back up for many users as of this writing.

Google confirmed the service outage on its Workspace Status Dashboard, with the outage impacting Google Meet, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, YouTube Music and other popular Google apps too. However, Google’s main search product appeared to be working.

TeamYouTube also said on Twitter it was aware people were having issues accessing YouTube.

“Our team is aware and looking into it. We’ll update you here as soon as we have more news,” TeamYouTube said.

DownDetector, a website that tracks online services outages, reported that the problems with the Google platforms peaked at around 6.30 am ET.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and have frequently experienced outages due to temporary service errors.

In mid-November, YouTube had reported that it fixed a technical glitch that turned down the services worldwide. At that time, users in North America were the ones mainly affected by the issue with YouTube, besides parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Microsoft 365 including Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams were hit with a massive outage in late September. Users were unable to access any services that leverage Azure Active Directory including Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Events as well as

Power Platform and Dynamics365 properties were also affected by the incident, Microsoft had posted on its Office status website.

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