Gov. Gavin Newsom Outlines Six-Point Guide To Help Reopen California

Gov. Gavin Newsom today offered a guide on how to “reopen” California’s economy as authorities mull lifting restrictions that have been in place for nearly a month. He discussed six key factors to help inform state officials about when to dial back stay-at-home orders issued amid the conoravirus outbreak..

Watch him outline the plan in the clip above, or watch his full news conference and Q&A session below.

“This phase is one where science – public health, not politics, must be the guide,” he said during a televised address that was carried live on some national cable news networks. “Where must be open to argument, interested in evidence, where we cannot be ideological in any way, shape or form in terms of how we approach a condition that changes on an hourly and daily basis – conditions that will ultimately determine what decisions we make.”

Since Newsom issued his statewide stay-at-home policy on March 19, the state has seen a “flattening of the curve” of COVID-19 infections and deaths, according to officials.

Here are the main points of the guidelines Newsom announced today, with his exact words in quotation marks:

Here is Newsom’s full address and news conference:


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