UTA Elevates Co-Presidents David Kramer To President, Jay Sures To Vice Chairman

EXCLUSIVE: UTA has given new roles to two of its most established senior leaders, promoting David Kramer to president and Jay Sures to vice chairman.

The two have been co-presidents of the company since 2017.

There’s never quite enough room at the top in Hollywood, but insiders say the shuffle is aimed at enabling each executive to focus on their respective strengths.

In an internal email, UTA co-founder and CEO Jeremy Zimmer said Kramer’s promotion “acknowledges the important role he serves as my close strategic partner, leader of a large part of UTA’s operations, and forward-thinking business builder. Again and again, David has been a trusted ally to clients and a passionate champion of our people and our culture. Having David as our president underscores my confidence in the future direction and stewardship of our business.”

Zimmer described Sures as “the ultimate power player” who has made “enormous” contributions to the company over the past three decades. “He has played a major role in systematically building our television group, including literary and talent, into an industry leader while representing a wide roster of clients,” the CEO wrote. “He also oversees, and continues to grow, our news, speakers, and culture and leadership groups. As vice chairman, we will rely even more on Jay’s unique blend of instincts, intelligence, deep connections, and external relationships to continue to drive our business forward across many dimensions.”

Sures and Kramer both have had long career arcs in the agency business, beginning in mailrooms before working with UTA co-founder Peter Benedek, getting their starts 33 and 30 years ago, respectively. Kramer’s early career focused on film and he has overseen more than a dozen of the company’s practices including all of its motion picture divisions, as well as starting several new areas including publishing and podcasting. Earlier this summer, Kramer led UTA’s acquisition of UK agency Curtis Brown. Along with Zimmer, he also led the process of bringing in global finance firm EQT as UTA’s largest outside investor.

Sures, along with building the agency’s TV group, oversees UTA’s news, speakers, and culture and leadership practices and also represents a range of clients.

Amid consolidation in the agency sector, UTA has stayed active on the M&A front. In addition to the Curtis Brown acquisition several months ago, the company bought strategic advisory firm MediaLink and made a strategic investment in Klutch Sports Group.

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UTA Promotes David Kramer To President, Jay Sures To Vice Chairman

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