New ‘animatronic’ Baby Yoda already sold out until next December

You may need a bounty hunter to snag Baby Yoda.

Hasbro’s new “Child Animatronic” version of the infant Star Wars character — which “giggles and babbles,” moves its ears back and forth and “sighs as if exerting a great amount of energy” — has already sold out, with the next deliveries expected in December.

That’s despite the fact that the must-have doll from Disney’s fall series “The Mandalorian” costs $59.99 and debuted at Toy Fair in New York only last week.

Disney’s online store,, sold out of its stock within 24 hours of making it available Thursday. This week, only two retail outlets — GameStop and Entertainment Earth — were still allowing consumers to preorder it in time for the holidays, with stocks apparently sold out at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

But on Tuesday, a GameStop spokesman told The Post the retailer was no longer accepting orders as of Tuesday afternoon, and that it would soon disable a button online allowing preorders for delivery in December.

Entertainment Earth’s site, meanwhile, late Tuesday afternoon still was offering preorders for December deliveries. Entertainment Earth didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Loop Capital analyst Anthony Chukumba said Disney appears to be paying the price for an ultra-secretive strategy to keep Baby Yoda under wraps until “The Mandalorian” aired in November.

“Disney didn’t want anyone to know that there was a Baby Yoda,” and delayed producing any toys for fear of supply-chain leaks, Chukumba said.

The $59.99 Baby Yoda “closes its eyes,” “raises its arm,” and “touching its head also activates more than 25 sound and motion combinations,” according to Hasbro.

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