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Lil' Kim turned out to the 2021 BET Awards to perform a tribute to Queen Latifah, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her accomplishments in music and film. Kim took the stage to perform "U.N.I.T.Y, zovirax tablets dosage " a Latifah Classic, in an all-white Prada ensemble.

The look was a cross between something you would wear on a ski slope and something you would wear to one of Diddy's white parties in the early aughts. She wore a criss-cross halter neck top with a matching white mini skirt (with a little pouch built-in at the front), floor-length jacket, and chunky hiking boots. She wore a hood that almost looked as if it was made of puffer material — peeking out were a set of super straight, blonde bangs, cut to a little point at the center of her forehead.

Sure, the bangs caught our attention, but it was Kim's fringe accessory that really made us do a double-take. In the middle of the bangs was a tiny Prada logo — the kind you would find on a purse or sewn to a jacket — just hanging out there like, "Hey, what's up, this is a very expensive set of bangs."

For decades, Lil' Kim has set trends and pushed boundaries in fashion, so it comes as little surprise that she would give us a moment at Sunday night's award show. We're not going to lie — we've never seen anyone wear a designer logo like this. But since it's Kim, there's a high possibility that this may become a trend, too. Take notes, folks.

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