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Model Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin were pretty dang shocked when they first found out they’d be expecting twin boys back in July. “Are you serious? We’re gonna have three boys?” the model said in an Instagram video. Now, the mom of one (she and Ervin share 1-and-a-half-year-old son Issac) is rightfully focused on self-care during her second pregnancy. 

Graham recently shared a photo to her Instagram Stories that depicted her bare stomach with three devices used in the holistic treatment. Back in May, in an interview with Vogue, Graham shared her self-care tips while promoting her partnership with skincare company Flamingo. In addition to lotioning post-shower, prayer, and meditation, the model noted how often she receives cupping therapy. “And I also prioritize acupuncture once a week with Sandra Lanshin Chiu, who also does cupping and gua sha all over my body,” said the Pretty Big Deal podcast. 

Cupping hasn’t been proven to work, and it’s typically not supported by all medical doctors. The ancient Chinese and Middle Eastern practice is used by Chinese herbalists and therapists like the one Graham visits — during a session, cheap generics your skin gets suctioned through a cup when negative pressure is created by either a flame or the piercing of skin. Blood gets pulled up to skin level, and cupping supporters believe it treats sore muscles, migraines, general pain, high blood pressure, skin issues, and a few other problems that could occur during pregnancy.  

The model mama is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy, and last month, she reached out to her Instagram followers for remedies that might help with vaginal pressure. So it’s safe to say that whatever type of treatment Graham is getting — whether it’s cupping or something similar — she could use all the TLC she can get.

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