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KHN Midwest correspondent Cara Anthony discussed how Black tech entrepreneurs are trying to solve neglected health care issues on the America’s Heroes Group podcast Dec. 4. She talked about health technology and culturally competent care on KTVU on Dec. 1.

  • Click here to hear Anthony on America’s Heroes Group
  • Click here to watch Anthony on KTVU
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KHN interim Southern Bureau Editor Andy Miller spoke about the omicron variant of the covid-19 virus on WUGA’s “Georgia Health Report” and Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Political Rewind” Dec. 3.

  • Click here to hear Miller on “Georgia Health Report”
  • Click here to hear Miller on “Political Rewind“

KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber discussed the covid pandemic and Missouri’s public health infrastructure on the “Healthy You: Surviving a Pandemic” podcast Dec. 2.

  • Click here to hear Weber on “Healthy You: Surviving a Pandemic”
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