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In a season that has gifted us more villains than relationships to ship, Liam and Georgia stood out like the Golden couple. They were enamoured with each other from the start and despite coming from rather different backgrounds, the two managed to forge ahead and cement their status as loved-up and infatuated – a rare feat for most on Married At First Sight. Each commitment ceremony saw the pair take to the couch, sitting down before the experts to have little to report by way of drama or rocky terrain. They made it all look so effortless and despite renouncing our faith in love at the beginning of the season, Liam and Georgia did much to restore our belief in romance and that maybe, you might just find someone that makes you a better human after all. 

It’s for all these reasons that the final exchange of vows rocked us to our very core. Safe to say, we did not see that coming. To recap, prior to the final vows, cheap zofran online pharmacy no prescription Liam had expressed at a dinner party that his friends wouldn’t approve of Georgia – or at least, would take a significant amount of time to do so. It was a long-winded comment, but the gist of it was pretty upsetting, suggesting that everyone hates Georgia when they first meet her (something to do with her favourite colour pink and “glamour”). 

It was a tough pill to swallow for Georgia and the young romantic was visibly upset. In conversation with her mum later, she expressed just how hurt the comments made her feel and that they seemed to be coming from a place of judgment that she previously hadn’t seen or felt from Liam during the course of their relationship on the show. Fair enough.

It made for rocky ground for the vow exchange, but the pair appeared before one another, all decked out in white and looking ever the handsome couple. But while Liam went ahead and said his part, claiming his love for Georgia, she didn’t let him off easy. Instead, she finally called out gaslighting behaviour that seems to run rampant on the show yet no one ever seems to talk about. She told him: “At the dinner party, you turned on me, humiliated me and degraded me. You gaslighted me, you manipulated the blame and tried to put your insecurities onto me. I know who I am and what I stand for.”

Yes Georgia, we Stan.

But though Georgia ended her vows saying she was willing to give Liam a second chance, Liam wasn’t so quick to take her up on her offer. Instead, he said: “Hearing those vows, you don’t know me. You don’t know me at all. Let’s just call it quits.”

Audiences were left stunned, as was Georgia who then proceeded to drop her ring on the floor. It was tense, it was unexpected, it was the derailment of the Golden couple on national TV. Naturally, those on Twitter were quick to express their shock at this revelation, as well as their ardent support of Georgia and her mum. 

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