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As a teenager, Evelyn Miller became anxious about her health condition. “I felt so much anxiety,” Evelyn, now 31, recalled when it came to her intimate relationships. She was diagnosed with uterus didelphys in 2011 by a gynaecologist at the Women and Children’s Hospital in Australia.

This meant she had a double uterus, two sets of ovaries and two vaginas, which were all functional.

“I avoided sex for so long,” said Evelyn, who felt that she “didn’t have anyone” to confide to.

“I only lived with my dad at the time, what is lexapro like a xanax ” she revealed. “So I didn’t have anyone I could go to and ask privately.”

Uterus didelphys

The Mayo Clinic stated uterus didelphys is a “rare congenital abnormality”.

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The birth condition leads to “a thin wall of tissue” that “runs down the length of the vagina, diving it into two separate openings”.

Uterus didelphys does not cause any symptoms, so diagnosis typically occurs following a pelvic examination.

The Mayo Clinic added: “Women who have a double vagina along with a double uterus may initially consult a doctor for menstrual bleeding that isn’t stopped by a tampon.

“In these situations, the woman has placed a tampon in one vagina, but blood is still escaping from the second uterus and vagina.”

Evelyn was made aware that her condition made it more likely for her to suffer from a miscarriage.

Having been open about her condition on social media platforms, Evelyn gets “so many women messaging [her] who have had the worst time with it”.

The marketer, from the Gold Coast, said: “Some [women with the condition] are completely unable to have children, which is heartbreaking.

Her own personal situation, however, has been “very lucky”, as she and her husband, Tom, share two children.

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The marketer, from the Gold Coast,

Evelyn added: “There was always a risk I could be pregnant with two babies at the same time.

“When I was pregnant with one, we’d still have to use condoms if we wanted to have sex in the other vagina.

“There were also complications after I gave birth. Both of my babies were born very small and needed to spend months in intensive care.”

Thankfully, her children – Andrew, 20 months, and Georgia, eight months – are “both happy and healthy now”.

Setting up an OnlyFans account in 2018, Evelyn raised awareness of uterus didelphys with her husband Tom’s support.

Evelyn said: “It’s massively paid off for me, because people are really curious – they love the fact that I’ve got two vaginas.”

Evelyn added: “I’d encourage any young women to get checked out if they feel like something’s not right.

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