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Brittany Mahomes has officially experienced the struggle of being a mom of more than one kid, and Twitter is welcoming her to the club with open arms and kind advice.

The new mom of two shared her woes on the social platform, norco vs ultram writing, “Today is my first day of chaos since having 2 kids 🤣🤯 Both screaming, both not wanting to nap 🙂.” We feel her pain — especially considering she’s got two littles under 2 years old: big sis Sterling Skye, 21 months, and baby brother Patrick “Bronze” III, 2 weeks.

Fellow Twitter users assured her that she’ll get used to her family’s new normal, with one person kindly writing, “Some days are hard. Go easy on yourself. Everyone is getting used to their new worlds. I hope one day you hear them both giggling together in the back seat. That giggling was my favorite part.”

Another met the overwhelmed mama with practical advice, writing, “It’s [sic] will be ok! Take a deep breath! Tend to the baby and occupy Sterling with a book or an activity until Bronze falls asleep. Then you can spend more quality time with Sterling to get her asleep. Welcome to parenthood!”

One mom brought some comedic relief to the situation, tweeting, “Just wait until they are old enough to become co-conspirators and every day is like an episode of Pinky & the Brain.”

Others warned her of the arguably worse teenage years to come, with one user hilariously writing, “Hang in there mom, these are the glory days. I remember one of my kids spreading his poopy diaper all over the floor while the other one slung her dinner across the room from her high chair. Good times. I’d trade those days in for dealing with crazy teenager drama all day long.”

Another fellow mom replied, “They [sic] days are long, but the years are short…. One of the wisest things my aunt ever said to me when my kids were super little. Hang in there, momma! ❤️”

Mahomes is only two weeks into life with two kids — we have no doubt she’ll get the hang of it soon.

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