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  • Perceived COVID stigma and fear of disclosure were greater among females, younger people and for nonwhite respondents.
  • Perceived COVID stigma decreased with age with 40% of 35-to-44-year-olds being most affected by negative stigma and nearly 23% of people 65 and older being least affected. At 39%, 18-to-24-year-olds were a close second in highest percentage for perceived COVID stigma.
  • Perceived COVID stigma was most prevalent among non-Hispanic Black respondents, 43%. Fear of COVID disclosure to friends or family was most prevalent among Hispanic respondents at 31%.
  • Perceived COVID stigma was more common among respondents with lower household income, those who were employed and respondents who had nonprivate health insurance.
  • The prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms among respondents with COVID stigma was twice as high as the prevalence of those symptoms among respondents without COVID stigma.

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