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Talking about money can be complicated, uncomfortable and just plain awkward. Roselyn Sanchez is on a mission to change all that. The singer/actress/podcast host linked up with Life Happens, a nonprofit that educates Americans about the importance of life insurance, and when she hopped on the phone with SheKnows to discuss their partnership, Sanchez was more than happy to dig into the taboo topic of finances.

From teaching kids about money to having those important financial conversations with significant others, levonorgestrel tablets 30 micrograms Sanchez broke down how her family deals with this hot button topic. Read on to find some really thoughtful tricks, insights and why, as a parent, Sanchez believes getting life insurance is a “really beautiful thing.”

SheKnows: How do you go about discussing money with your kids? Do you have any tips or tricks to teach them about financial literacy?

Roselyn Sanchez: My kids are very blessed, they have everything they need but we want to make sure they understand that mom and dad worked really hard to be able to provide them with their lifestyle.

We’re actually implementing this game. It’s been really effective. We tell them, “Listen, let’s work on negotiation skills. You are going to pick a chore that you think effects the entire family. For example, if the dishes are all over the sink, that effects the entire family. If you take care of the dishes, you’re going to get paid. You will negotiate how much you think it’s worth.”

We have this whole negotiation…and it’s been a lot of fun. Sometimes they collect $6 a week, sometimes $2, and they’re so proud. They go to their piggy bank and they actually made some money by doing something that was productive.

SheKnows: What do you think is the power of teaching negotiation to kids?

Roselyn Sanchez: I think it makes them smarter. Listen, everything in life is a negotiation. It’s important to know your value and know the value of things.

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