2p cleaning hack – the simple trick to removing limescale from your unsightly taps

Cleaning hack: TikTok user uses ‘2p trick’ to clean taps

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Have you ever taken a close look at the end of your bathroom taps? I mean a really close look? It’s a familiar sight for many of us – that crusty-looking limescale buildup on the end of the tap that just leave your sink or tub looking a little worse for wear. But don’t be embarrassed as there’s a very simple trick to remove that limescale – and it just involves a 2p coin.

I’m sure we all have a 2p coin lying about the house in a money box or your purse.

So instead of splashing out on expensive cleaning products, simply grab a couple of pennies and head to the bathroom.

All you need to do is wet the coin and gently scratch away the limescale.

Wash off the ‘scum’ if the buildup gets too much on the coin, and just keep scratching until you’re done.

Now it sounds too good to be true – so does it work?

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Yes, it definitely does! Check out the video at the top of this story to see the results.

Express.co.uk also tried out the hack at home and the results were astonishing – and much easier to do then smothering everything in a thick layer of expensive cleaning products that are full of chemicals.

Hundreds of people have now tried the 2p hack, and have taken to social media in reaction to the incredible tip.

One Instagram user said: “Thank you to the folks that suggested I try this — can confirm: IT WORKS..!! And no harsh chemicals either.

“P.s. please don’t judge mee — the taps were like that when we moved in and I think we just assumed we would get new taps so never really bothered with them. UNTIL NOW.”

Another said: “Still a bit to do but the 2p hack definitely worked for me. Literally get a 2p and scrape it and it comes over.”

A third posted: “What a difference.”

You can also use the 2p hack on your toilet bowl to remove those brown limescale stains.

We recommend putting a pair of rubber gloves on and getting to work.

Be careful not to scrub too hard and damage the ceramic or porcelain – gently does it!

One Instagram user shared an image of their toilet bowl saying: ““The closest thing I got to the bowl being a tiny bit clean was some heavy duty stuff from Bookers.

“Finished off with my trusty Cif cream. I also did my taps the same way instead of lemon juice.”

Or give it a go on some other households items, such as baking trays, old pans, your shower head and even your kettle.

One person posted a before and after on Twitter saying: “?Mrs Hinch has tried it on taps and it works a treat, so we have it a go on a kettle!”

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