80p method ‘guaranteed’ to remove ‘stubborn’ grease from oven racks

Mrs Hinch reveals super effective oven cleaning hack

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Every homeowner knows that one of the most irritating and dreadful chores is to clean a dirty oven. This is especially true when the racks are covered with sticky grime, baked-on grease, and burned pieces of food. Even if you use your oven sparingly, chances are that residue will still accumulate. Putting off cleaning your oven racks will only delay the inevitable, and increase the amount of work needed to remove layers of baked-on food debris and grease. However, if your oven has gotten to this state, fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch have shared a “guaranteed” method to clean them.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to clean her oven racks after a failed attempt. 

Gaynor Wynne said: “I read in the newspaper about a Mrs Hinch Facebook hack on soaking oven racks in fabric softener and they will come up like new. 

“It didn’t touch them, we bought the house a few weeks back and the oven was rank so trying to clean it so it’s sparkling like new.”

Gaynor’s post received over 100 comments from fellow cleaning enthusiasts – the majority of them suggested using soda crystals.

Pat Brown said: “Gaynor, I soak them in soda crystals in hot water for about an hour. Always come up like new.”

Heather Steale wrote: “Just done cleaned my oven racks covered in stubborn burnt-on food stains by soaking them in a sink with soda crystals for one to two hours. No scrubbing and no chemicals needed.”

Claire Sullivan commented: “I find soaking them in soda crystals dissolved in hot water works great. They are guaranteed to come out shiny and clean. Also very cheap method.”

Linda Hawkins advised: “Not fabric softener, soda crystals will do the trick. Always works for me.”

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Kimberly Jenkins said: “Never heard of soaking in fabric softener. Are you sure? If I had a really bad oven I would soak the shelves in the bath with soda crystals for a few hours or overnight. The door and interior can be done with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.”

Sadie Wootton commented: “Never heard of soaking oven racks in fabric softener, but did read soaking them in soda crystals.”

Jackie Rover wrote: “Soak in a large sink or bath for a couple of hours in soda crystals. Then just wipe over with a sponge or a cloth and the grease and grime comes off easy.”

Julien Saunders replied: “I can confirm soda crystals dissolved in the bath, to soak oven racks/shelves in overnight, did the job brilliantly.”

It is not just Mrs Hinch fans that recommended this method to clean oven racks. Experts at The Kind Store were also in favour of this.

They said: “Lay them in your bath and fill it up with hot water. Pour in a good amount of soda crystals and leave to soak for a few hours. They’ll look brand new after you’ve rinsed them.”

Cleaning pros at In The Wash agreed, as they said: “Instead of spending hours scrubbing at burned-on food and using harsh chemicals, use a soda crystal solution to make this awful chore so much easier.

“If you need to clean the racks or shelves, lay them flat in your sink, large container or your bath and fill it with hot water. 

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“Mix in soda crystals and leave it to soak. Drain the bath and rinse away the residue to leave your racks shiny and clean.”

Concentrated soda crystals are a multi-purpose cleaning agent and an effective environmentally friendly alternative to other high-street toxic cleaning products. 

The powder is soluble in water and it cleans, removes odours, saponifies grease and neutralises acids.

They can be picked up from Sainsbury’s or Amazon for as little as 80p. Soda crystals can also be purchased from Tesco for £1.25 or at Waitrose & Partners for £1.75.

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