‘Always works!’ Mrs Hinch fans share best methods to spruce up fridge with no smear marks

Lynsey Queen Of Clean shares tips for cleaning a fridge

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Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media. Her clever cleaning hacks have attracted more than four million followers on her Instagram page.

Inspired by her savvy techniques, cleaning fans have formed their own social media groups dedicated to sharing effective methods for sprucing up a home.

Facebook user Ann-Marie Reed sought advice for an effective way to clean a fridge. 

The group member posted: “What do people clean the outside of their black fridge with? Kind of regretting getting black, always fingerprints showing and then traces of it being wiped.”

Responding to the post, Georgia Haslam commented: “I just use antibacterial and a normal cloth to clean it, then glass cleaner and a minky glass cloth to get rid of smears and handprints and that always works.”

Kellie Renton advised: “I wash/spray first with method multi surface, then I use the Dettol three in one spray and wipe with window cloth. No streaks, I regret getting a black fridge too.”

Sharing a tried-and-tested technique, Amanda Greenwood posted: “Just plain water and washing up liquid. Wash then buff with blue roll.”

Kazz Webb commented: “Car polish works a treat, usually keeps it clean for a while too.”

“I use Windolene spray and it doesn’t smear,” said Liz Lacki.

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Kayleigh Butterworth suggested applying wood silk polish, before wiping the fridge with a micro fibre cloth.

Samantha Atkinson advised: “I wash first, let it dry, then use furniture polish. Comes up amazing.”

Jo Motown Johnson posted: “A micro fibre cloth in warm soapy water.’

“I use glass cleaner and a glass cleaning cloth,” said Wendy Brown.

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Gemma Smallwood commented: “I use antibacterial wipes and dry with kitchen roll.”

 “Clean with antibacterial, then polish with Mr sheen multipurpose polish,” posted Julie Durber.

Sharron Cadd wrote: “I use vinegar and water, then buff dry and polish with car polish, lasts about a month before I have to do it again.”

Suggesting a more unusual technique, Morgan Siany posted: “Cold tea and kitchen roll.”

Anna Clarke suggested using stainless steel cleaner to spruce up the fridge.

Leanne Tourcherd Alive Jenkins advised on using a piece of chamois leather to clean the fridge and remove any smear marks.

While Faye Doyle commented: “White Maiic, an absolute game changer on all this high gloss mirrored/glass etc.

“A little goes a long way bottle lasts me around three months. Well worth buying.”

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