Barclays customers to see change in how they withdraw money

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The project is designed to increase the number of places where people can get out cash for free, such as in shops, cafes and pubs. Customers will be able to get cash access from 1p to £100 each day.

People will also be able to request specific non-rounded figures, a service which is not available at cash machines.

The scheme has launched in light of the decline in the number of bank branches and cash machines in the UK.

Customers will need a Visa or Mastercard debit card to access cash this way with no fees involved.

Businesses will need a Barclaycard Payments terminal to use the scheme, and they will get a payment for each transaction they process.

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The bank said this is the first time a UK bank has launched a cashback without purchase scheme.

Thousands of small businesses are taking part in the project, with Barclays to publish information about who is participating.

A similar scheme was launched last year through Link, allowing access to cash without buying anything.

The Link service comes with an interactive map showing nearby locations where a person can access cash.

Tim Allen, head of access to cash at Barclays UK, said: “While an increasing number of our customers choose to pay digitally, we recognise that for some, cash remains vital.

“This service will benefit communities around the country, beyond our customer base, giving them the choice and flexibility to access their money conveniently.

“This is part of our broader commitment to preserving long-term access to cash for those who require it.”

Recent research showed that three-quarters of people aged 65-plus still want in-person banking services.

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Half of these older Britons want to make a deposit in person while 38 percent want to be able to withdraw cash.

Natalie Ceeney, chair of the Access to Cash action group, said: “This new service from Barclays is very welcome.

“ATMs work well for most people, but having additional places to withdraw cash, particularly if you want to get out less than £10, can help communities and small businesses as well as vulnerable consumers.

“Making cashback without purchase widely available needs to be a key part of the national strategy to keep cash accessible.”

Campaigners are demanding new guarantees in the Financial Services and Markets Bill (FSMB) to protect bank and Post Office branches from closure.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: “We believe the rapid move towards online banking over the past few years has caused huge problems for many older customers.

“Either for health or personal reasons they are not able to move online. These difficulties are exacerbated when branch closures coincide with poor public transport, a lack of ATMs, and inadequate internet service and mobile reception.

“We urge the Government to amend the Bill to include the protection of a wider range of essential in-branch services which will make it easier for millions of older customers to manage their finances in the years to come.”

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