Bathroom: ‘Small changes’ to make to see ‘notable’ cuts in energy bills – ‘think twice’

Martin Lewis explains inflation and energy bills

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Energy bills are on the rise for UK households but there are simple changes Britons can make to keep costs down as much as possible. This includes in the kitchen and bathroom. According to experts at, “small changes” can make all the difference. John Stirzaker from said: “People across the UK are really feeling the pinch at the moment, given the rise in fuel prices and energy costs.

“We’ve put together an easy guide to help everyone save money each month, by making small changes to their bathroom.

“Making subtle changes in routine, such as having shorter showers and turning off electrical appliances after use, can result in cutting notable costs on your energy bill each month.”

With warm summer temperatures just around the corner, the experts recommended favouring cold water over hot.

They said: “Save costs by using cold water to wash your face and hands, or even try a refreshing cold shower if you’re feeling brave.

“With 10 percent of your energy bills going towards heating water in your household, it’s definitely worth using cold water instead of hot when you can.”

Opting for short showers over baths can save water and money too.

According to the experts, replacing one bath a week with a four minute shower can save £12 a year.

They said: “If you’re looking to cut down your energy bills, you may want to think twice about running a bath.

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“If you enjoy taking daily baths, think about the improvement you’d see in your annual savings.”

Britons can also save money on bills when it comes to leaking taps.

Although it may seem like a minor issue, according to the experts, leaving a problem like this can “waste thousands of litres of water each year”.

They added: “You can prevent this issue by ensuring you turn your taps off after use and replace the washer as soon as it begins leaking.

“Repairing leaks fast can really save money throughout the year.

“Also switch to energy efficient light bulbs.

“By changing your bathroom bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs, you’ll be sure to save money with very little effort required.”

Although electrical items shouldn’t be used in the bathroom, switching them off if they are in the bathroom can prevent wastage.

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This includes items such as razors and fans.

The experts continued: “Start timing your showers too.

“Save costs by reducing your time spent in the shower.

“A great way to time yourself is by playing your favourite song, and aim to finish showering by the time the music stops.

“The average person in the UK showers for seven to eight minutes.

“If everyone in the family sticks to timing their showers, costs toward energy and heating water are sure to be cut.”

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