Biden continues to dodge responsibility on COVID-19: Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz: Everyone saw this coming … except Biden

Chaffetz said that everyone saw COVID-19’s winter surge coming, except for President Biden, after he claimed that it caught everyone off guard on ‘Hannity.’

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz criticized President Biden Wednesday on “Hannity” for failing to take responsibility on COVID-19 and claiming no one saw the winter surge coming. “How did we get it wrong?” Biden asked. “Nobody saw it coming. Nobody in the whole world who saw it coming.”

JASON CHAFFETZ: There’s been a winter surge every year, the pandemic, so to answer your question, Joe, everyone saw it coming except for you. Meanwhile, Biden’s mandates and restrictions are doing little, if anything, to mitigate the virus, all while causing serious problems for many Americans. But Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.


Labor shortages, supply chain issues, unacceptable inflation rates, a totally open border, and a spike in COVID-19. But the president of the United States is either unwilling or unable to answer basic questions in a serious way. It should come as no surprise that Biden’s approval numbers continue to fall. One recent poll shows Biden’s approval plummeting 8 points among independents in just one week. Now, two-thirds of independents disapprove of Joe Biden.


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