Biden will be 'no help' to Democrats ahead of elections: 'The Five'

Biden’s unpopularity dragging down Democrats hopes in 2021, 2022

The panel on ‘The Five’ offers analysis

Recent polls showing independents and moderates giving President Biden low marks on honesty, the economy, COVID, border security and military leadership likely mean the Delaware Democrat will be of no help on the campaign trail for candidates in key races both next month and in the 2022 midterms, “The Five” discussed Wednesday.

The panel pointed out that the highest-profile of the Democrats running on November 2 – former Virginia Gov. Terence McAuliffe; seeking his old job – admitted as much in a teleconference with other Democratic activists from the Old Dominion.

McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton confidant who preceded term-limited incumbent Democrat Ralph Northam, told the group their party is facing “headwinds” and admitted that Biden “is unpopular today, unfortunately, here in Virginia.”

Panelist Jessica Tarlov noted that despite President Donald Trump’s loss in 2020, Republicans had a decent showing in other races, and wondered whether that could continue into 2021 and 2022 with Biden being seen as not helpful on the trail.

“The question is can Republicans finish what they started in 2020,” she said.

“[One poll] has Republicans up in the generic ballot. Margins are getting tighter. When you don’t have a president that will help you in every district – whereas the great thing about Joe Biden, he was a unifier for all Democrats, everyone from AOC to the [Ohio Rep.] Tim Ryan’s of the world, touting his moderate bona fides and ability to work with everybody – it will make working with people like Terry McAuliffe difficult.”

“I’m not saying it’s over for Democrats,” the more liberal panelist later clarified.

From another perspective, panelist Jesse Watters predicted the midterms to be especially good for the GOP:

“The Q[uinnipiac] poll came out – it’s loaded for Democrats – [who] are usually up about 7 points –  Joe Biden is underwater and honesty, economy, COVID, Texas, border, immigration, military, leadership, and competency,” he said.

“Joe is going to be of no help to the Democrats in the midterms,” he added, noting that without Trump on the ballot, left-leaning voters may not be as energized to go to the polls or to instinctively vote against the GOP.

Key 2022 Senate races include Pennsylvania – where Republican Pat Toomey is retiring in a state won by Biden – Ohio – where GOP Sen. Rob Portman is retiring as well – Georgia – where freshman Democrat Raphael Warnock will seek his first full term – Wisconsin – where Republican Ron Johnson holds a seat in a state won by Biden – as well as Democratic-held seats in New Hampshire, Arizona and Nevada, and an open seat in North Carolina currently held by the retiring Republican Richard Burr.

In November, outside of gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, several major cities including New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Miami, Minneapolis and Seattle, will hold mayoral elections.

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