‘Causes significant damage’: Common DIY mistakes to avoid – ‘leads to hefty repair bill’

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The list of home improvements people want to do can seem never ending, which is why many may look for DIY shortcuts. However, homeowners are being warned against certain jobs which can cause more problems than solutions. From doing your own plumbing to remodelling too much, experts at Stelrad have shared their insight on the things to avoid doing as a homeowner to their property.

Don’t do your own plumbing

As much as it can be tempting to unleash your ambitious side and try out a spot of plumbing for yourself, it’s best to leave this one to the experts.

The interior pros said: “Although everything is possible to learn, the risk of causing significant damage if you make a mistake is high and can lead to a hefty repair bill. 

“More importantly, most homeowners are not familiar with the safety requirements laid out in the Uniform Building Code (UBC).

“This means the work could be carried out dangerously, risking a serious water leak which could go on to cause havoc in other areas.”

Don’t do bump-outs

A bump-out is when homeowners move a wall to gain extra space, normally just a few feet to make space for something like a bay window.

Although this can achieve pocketed space, the cost is high and the results tend to not be worth the input, according to the pros.

Instead the experts suggested: “If you are considering tackling bump-outs on your own to save cost, it is recommended that you avoid this for a multitude of reasons. 

“A more cost effective solution would be to resort to a more sizable addition, achieving a much lower price per square foot and you can see more significant structural changes.”

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Don’t do your own electrics

With a huge risk of electrocution, electrical work should never be attempted by anyone without the sufficient qualifications and experience. 

Not using a professional could not only be costly but dangerous.

As well as the potential to harm or even kill you, any wrongdoings can lead to a fire or explosion within the home, risking the safety of those around. 

Even if the job at hand looks relatively straightforward, electrical work tends to incur hidden dangers on the way which can be overlooked to those who are not familiar.

Don’t remodel too much

Although homeowners may see the opportunity to change their house for the better, they need to consider whether others will see it as an improvement.

The interior experts noted: “It can be challenging to see a good return on investment once you start remodelling your home.

“Costing a lot to undertake and tending to not add the same amount of value back on when it comes to selling. 

“It is also important to compare the changes to your neighbourhood, not impacting the atmosphere of the area and checking how similar properties are valued with or without the work.”

Don’t be the person who doesn’t take care of their garden

Walking down a residential street, any house which has a scruffy and overgrown exterior stands out like a sore thumb and reflects negatively on the homeowners. 

The experts warned: “From feuds with your neighbours to passive comments from those in the area who take pride in aesthetics, not taking care of your garden can isolate you from your neighbourhood and even bring surrounding property values down.”

Maintaining a tidy lawn, clearing up any debris and cutting back trees or bushes are simple jobs that can be undertaken without high costs. 

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