Chris Wallace talks Biden VP pick, 'embarrassing' Barr hearing and Trump 'stoking a brush fire'

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"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace joined Friday's "Fox News Rundown" podcast, where he addressed a bevy of political topics, including Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's upcoming announcement of his vice presidential pick.

"I can see strong reasons for Kamala Harris. She's run. You know, she's an attractive candidate. She's has been able to generate crowds. She represents a state… Actually, he doesn't need to win it if he can't win California. He's going to lose 49 states anyway. But, you know, she's you can understand the reasons for her," Wallace said. "But do I think she's a shoo-in? Absolutely not. I'm not saying she won't get it, but I don't, I wouldn't say that she's the prohibitive favorite at this point."

Wallace said he has "no idea" who the pick will be but did hear the announcement would take place the "week of the 10th."

The anchor commented on this week's Capitol Hill hearings, in particular the Attorney General William Barr's testimony and his treatment by House Democrats.

"I thought the Barr hearing, which I took somewhat more seriously, was an embarrassment," Wallace said. "I'm not saying I agree with but I understand the reasons why Democrats really don't like him and feel that Barr has become the political henchman."

"They just wanted to excoriate him," Wallace added.

Another topic Wallace addressed was President Trump's suggestion that 2020 could be delayed, saying "the election date is set by a federal law" and pointing out that a bill to change that would have to go through the Democrat-led House.


"Joe Biden in April said, I bet you that President Trump is going to try to find a way to delay the election. And the president came back that same month and said, no, I haven't even thought about. Tell Joe he can rest easy," Wallace said. I promise you, those clips will be played. I just don't understand why the president would want to stoke this brushfire."

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