Cleaning tips: Experts reveal the germ hotspots that should be cleaned everyday

Cleaning is one of the most important things to maintain at the moment as well as hygiene. With the recent outbreak of coronavirus, many people have turned to cleaning their home in order to keep their house germ free.


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However a lot of everyday items that hold a lot of bacteria are often overlooked and forgotten about.

British electoral store AO, has revealed the germ hotspots in the home that should be cleaned during your Spring clean, along with the best methods of doing so.

Here are just a few items that should be cleaned everyday, along with some cleaning tips.

Remote control
A remote control is in use everyday and it usually comes into contact with multiple people.

This creates a breeding ground for germs to grow.

This item is usually overlooked as it is an electrical item and can be quite hard to clean.

However, AO recommends taking batteries out of the remote. Then prepare a small bowl of soapy water and dip a cotton bud into it to reach all of the tricky places.

Alternatively, using a disinfectant on a kitchen towel will work just as good.

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Again, another household item that could be used everyday coming into contact with various members of the household.

A 2018 Which? survey indicated that the average keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat.

People eat at their desks, spill drinks and leave food wrappers behind.

This mess attracts bacteria that can settle on the keyboard.


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The experts recommend dipping a cotton bud into cleaning solution to wipe in-between the keys for a thorough clean.

Shoe rack
People often forget about shoe racks but because multiple pairs of shoes can be stored on it which have come into contact with various outside surfaces, they should be cleaned regularly to maintain cleanliness in the home.

AO recommends grabbing your hoover to clean away any dust that is left behind.

Then, using an anti-bacterial surface cleaner run it over the shoe rack on a cloth or microfibre cloth to get rid of further germs.

Also, cleaning shoes regularly including the sole, can help make sure the shoe rack doesn’t get dirty.

You can clean the sole of a shoe by scrubbing it with warm soapy water to remove any dirt particles.

Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in the home is more important than ever, and following simple and easy tips can help keep your home germ free.

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