Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch fan shares £2 ‘miracle’ polish that makes surfaces look new

Anyone looking for cleaning tips and hacks for tricky jobs around the home will no doubt have come across the Instagram sensation Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch. The 30-year-old has reached celebrity status in recent years having become an influencer by sharing her best cleaning tips as she looks after her Essex home. But her millions of followers have just as many tips up their sleeves. 


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Since Mrs Hinch’s rise to fame, Facebook groups have popped up for the “Hinch Army” or “Hinchers” where her fans post their cleaning tips and questions. 

The groups have hundreds of thousands of members who all help each other to fix stains and problems around the home with their tried and tested cleaning knowledge. 

Questions on the groups often have hundreds of replies as followers flock to share their top tips and favourite products for getting rid of stubborn dirt and grime around the home. 

This week one product has cropped up multiple times, with some fans calling it a “miracle” spray. 

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One Hinch fan posted a picture of her gleaming black front door in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group to reveal how she transformed it. 

The group member said that she had been planning to repaint the door as it was looking so dull and faded – but a £2 spray has transformed it into a glossy, shiny finish. 

She used a cheap polish called Aristowax Wood Silk, which is silicone-free – making it ideal for cleaning wood and other surfaces. 

Silicones can seep into your furniture and leave a hazy finish (known as blooming), which can leave it looking dirty or faded. 

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However, the £1.99 spray uses a blend of the purest beeswax and nutrient oils to highlight the grain and colour of the wood, as well as restoring oils lost due to heat or sunlight. 

It’s designed for use on gloss, satin and matt wood finishes – but fans have revealed it can be used on all sorts of surfaces to make them look as good as new. 

One commenter said they use it on their wooden floors, despite the fact it makes them slippery “like an ice rink”, while another warned: “Unless u (sic) want to go flying like some stunt woman doing some Torvill and Dean act do not use this on wooden floors.”

However, others have found it works wonders around the home – with one even using it to clean a cooker hood and leave it sparkling. 


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Another user posted a before and after shot of her PVC front door after using the spray – and had hundreds of comments as fans were shocked by the impressive result. 

The faded brown door looked brand new in the second photo, with the poster saying she was “amazed” at the difference it had made. 

Meanwhile another user shared a photo of a discoloured plastic water butt which she had been cleaning with the polish, showing a marked difference as it restored the original shade. 

Another commenter said: “I used it on my gazebo metal frame which was faded off the sun…this miracle in a can brought it back to life!”

Comments rolled in on the post as other followers agreed that the polish is one of the best for getting furniture looking like new again. 

One posted a photo of her garden table in the middle of cleaning it, showing a huge difference between the faded, dull plastic and the newly restored polished area. 

Some users also said they’ve cleaned the inside of their car dashboard with the handy spray. 

Others however used it on much smaller areas around the home, with one even saying it cleaned up her slate coasters to look as good as new. 

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