Dan Gainor: California recall – top 5 worst liberal media moments of the Newsom vote

Newsom will show Gen Z, millennials California is not what US ‘should be like’: Joe Basrawi

Joe Basrawi, Today is America strategy director, says ‘this next year’ will display ‘true side’ of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The recall of incompetent leftist California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-French Laundry) is over. He won. The biggest loser is our liberal news media.

The campaign brought out the worst in the liberal press — bias, insane character assassination, false claims of racism and more. In other words, pretty much what journalists do to conservatives every single day. Only this time it was all aimed at conservative African American Larry Elder.

The amiable Elder is a talk radio host when he’s not running for governor. His biggest offense was being Black and conservative. The prospect that a Black conservative could run the nation’s No. 1 liberal state caused journalists to openly campaign for the Democrat candidate almost as much as they had fought for President Joe Biden against Donald Trump.

Here are the five worst examples:

1. Playing the Race Cards: Bull Connor, David Duke and The Los Angeles Times are a trio that could form a trivia answer. The question: Name three American racists. The first two you should know. The L.A. Times is the latest entry into this despicable pantheon.

The Times used to be a newspaper of some note. Now it’s a hate sheet. Sheet being the operative word. The paper made national news by running a piece by Erika D. Smith headlined this way: “Column: Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.” It then unleashed its staffers to go around doing media to repeat this insanity.

Columnist Jean Guerrero went on national media hyping the racism claim. She compared Elder to David Duke. She even slammed Elder’s supporters, the voters who want to elect a Black man governor of our largest state, as “voters in California who embrace his white supremacist world view.”

2. Downplaying the Elder Gorilla Mask Attack: It’s the true measure of the news media that this story isn’t even No. 1. The major press all-but ignored a racist White leftist wearing a gorilla mask who attacked Elder by throwing an egg at him and then punching another member of his team.

“Good Morning America” reporter Zohreen Shah gave the incident all of 14 words: “Several homeless people chasing him away and someone throwing an egg in his direction.” That’s coverage.

Let’s flip it around. A Black liberal Democrat goes campaigning for governor in a conservative state, say Texas. A White conservative in a gorilla mask throws an egg at him. Then, to make matters worse, that same wannabe Klan member punches one of the men on the campaign staff.

If that had happened to a Democrat, the press would treat it like it’s “Gone With the Wind” all over again and Confederates had seized control of the GOP. 

3. Back in Blackface: This time the “blackface” comment came from MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson. Near the end of the campaign, Johnson described the fight as “more about a choice between Larry Elder, who’s basically Trumpism in blackface, versus Gavin Newsom who is at least a competent politician.”

Picture the news media reaction if that happened in a conservative state. You could hear the screaming from California to D.C. 

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