‘Definitely worth checking’ – Leather jackets are fetching up to £300

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Britons could make £300 in just a few minutes if they have a vintage leather jacket they no longer wear, according to online website Depop. Leather racing jackets are particularly popular at the moment as celebrities like David Beckham have made them a must-have fashion item.

Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to make money should sift through their wardrobe and see if they have a leather jacket they could sell.

Savvy Britons are making £575 a year on average by selling their secondhand clothes but for those who don’t have time, it could be an idea to find one item that could sell for up to £300. 

Agustina Panzoni, Depop’s Trends and Categories Manager, said it’s “definitely worth checking”.

She said: “So many of us will have a leather jacket lurking at the back of the wardrobe, yet we don’t always consider how much they could be worth.”

She continued: “Vintage Burberry leather jackets can be found on Depop priced between £40 and £300 depending on the style and quality of the item. 

“Both stylish and durable, high-quality retro racer jackets listed on Depop by @amybird1 and @rosiesvintageculture are priced around £200 – so it’s definitely worth checking to see if you have a similar style you’d be happy to part with.

“That said, don’t feel disheartened if you don’t have branded, unique vintage items to sell. A wardrobe clear-out is a great way to declutter and make extra cash, as Depop sellers are found to make anywhere between an average of £350 all the way up to £5,000 a year selling pre-loved items.

“It’s always worth having a look at what pieces and styles are no longer serving you, and browsing the Depop platform for trends inspiration – even if a style isn’t to your liking anymore, it could be just what someone else is after!”

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Britons are pocketing an average of £535 extra a year by buying and selling secondhand fashion on sites like Depop and it takes just five minutes a week.

One of Depop’s top sellers @minisworld said: “Coats, puffer coats, afghan jackets, raincoats, track jackets and windbreakers are high-ticket items that are always winners at this time of year on Depop.

“Leather jackets always sell like hot cakes and scarves are the underrated gems that I find always do super well.”

It’s not just old clothes that people can sell – Tom Nagel has been selling his childhood video games on eBay and has made £600.

More than two thirds of people are holding onto old tech including smartphones, laptops and watches that could be cashed in to help pay for energy bills.

The average British household has up to 60 unused items with a potential trade-in value of as much as £7,750, according to OKdo technology.

Experts at Mazuma estimate that people could get anywhere from £100 to £7,750  based on current prices for trading in secondhand tech.

Richard Curtin, senior vice president of technology at OKdo said if people don’t want to sell it, it’s important to donate old tech rather than put it in the bin.

What’s does secondhand technology sell for?

  • Smartphone – £5 to £470 per item
  • Laptop (Windows) – £5 to £165 per item
  • Apple Mac laptop – £8 to £360 per item
  • Tablet computer – £5 to £130 per item
  • Apple iPad – £5 to £610 per item
  • Games console – £5 to £135 per item
  • Smartwatch – £5 to £195 per item
  • Apple iPhone – £10 to £860 per item.

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