Dentist twins share ‘critical points’ that led to surgery’s multi-million pound turnover

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The entrepreneurial pair founded Yorkshire Dental Suite four years ago, after having dabbled in entrepreneurism studies while at dental college. “We started with no clients at all in 2016 and we now have a database of over 8,000 clients and a multimillion pound revenue each year,” said Dr Hussein in an exclusive comment to

Known to be industry disruptors, the bodybuilding pair employ some of the most advanced techniques in their practices and have even developed their own products.

“I believe that we have identified a new and innovative way of delivering dentistry in this country that changes the mould. We want the British public to benefit from the ‘disruption’,” commented Dr Hussein.

He continued: “We started YDS as we’d noticed a huge demand for private dentistry done correctly, that is delivered in a personable, pleasurable and innovative way.

“Our father had over 25 years experience in the NHS working at multiple clinics as a max fax surgeon and had identified how YDS needed to be different. 

“Those critical points of difference have included improved customer service and an enhanced customer experience as well as the provision of the latest and best treatments available today.

Dr Hussein, Dr Hassan and their father Dr Abdul started YDS in September 2016 as their family GP surgery was planning to relocate.

“Due to the great relationship our mother had with the partners at the practice, and after hearing our plans to create a state of the art dental clinic and teaching academy (which would raise the profile of the area and improve the healthcare industry), they sold us the building and backed our venture and plans.

“We started out with one dentist working from one surgery three days a week and now we have extended our clinic to two floors with five surgeries working at full capacity and a team of dentists, specialists and hygienists,” he added.

Four years later, YDS is the highest ranked UK clinic on Google and their current expansion plan could see over 400 new YDS clinics opened throughout the UK.

Dr Hussein noted that, while certainly more professional, this was not the first entrepreneurial venture he and his brother had founded.

“We’d go to bargain shops, buy a bulk load of goodies and then sell them at lunch breaks! One of the teachers suspected our selling activities and checked my bag at the end of lunch break to see if there was anything left – unluckily for her all she found was empty wrappers!” he added.

Having now come a long way from school yard business practices and their council estate in Leeds, Dr Hussein commented that the journey to being a multimillionaire has not come without its pitfalls.

“Running your own business inflicts every emotion on you, some days are fun and exciting, but others are heart-breaking and emotional, especially when it’s your family business and everyone’s livelihoods are at stake. 

“Separating emotion from logic is vitally important and let’s face it, there are times when emotions can get the better of you. When this happens, it’s important to accept this as part of business life, regain focus and push on again.

He added that if he could do it again, he would have been more confident and cautious: “I think we should not have worried so much at the start and had more faith in ourselves.

“We could have been more cautious about following the advice of people with no credibility and no success who claimed they knew what they were doing.”

Rather than abiding by the advice from these people, the pair focused on the guidance from trusted sources, like literature, parents, mentors and the abyss of information available on the internet.

He continued to share some advice for entrepreneurs looking to succeed just as YDS has: “Challenge yourself, be brave and don’t be afraid to make change, innovate and pivot, but do your research thoroughly first. 

“Don’t be limited to what your friends/family expect of you and don’t compromise on your ambition even if it means making short term sacrifices.

“The untravelled trail is often the most difficult but also the most enjoyable,” he concluded.
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