DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake Explains Importance of Georgia Runoff

Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Michael Blake joined Rolling Stone‘s new series Georgia Talks to discuss the importance of the upcoming January 5th Senate runoff race.

Communicating via video chat while in the car on his way to more campaign events, Blake fielded questions from a group of Atlanta students about why this particular election matters so much to Democrats this election season, despite already securing the presidency.

“You have 100 United States senators, and right now, Democrats and Independents have 48, Republicans have 50,” he explained. “Winning these two seats brings us to 50/50, making a tie. And so practically then, Vice President-elect [Kamala] Harris, when she’s Vice President, when there are ties, she’ll be breaking ties.”

The Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate, Blake said, would significantly help President-elect Joe Biden in setting forth his proposals for his presidential term. “If you care about student loans, you wanna have Democrats out here rocking with you,” he went on. “If you care about jobs and entrepreneurship, you wanna have Democrats out here rocking with you. To make it real plain, you had Democrats saying you should get $2,000, and Republicans wouldn’t even bring that to a vote.”

In addition to stumping for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Blake also encouraged voting for Georgia Public Service Commissioner candidate Daniel Blackman: “If you care about utility bills, if you care about energy costs, how you pay your bills, having the right person in place to be Public Service Commissioner matters. So that’s why I’ve been telling folks: I need you to Warnock your Ossoff for a Blackman,” he quipped.

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