‘Don’t cut corners!’ Property expert urges homeowners to check key utility when moving in

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Moving into a new home can be exciting and daunting with lots of paperwork, checklists and unpacking to complete. However, in the rush to move into your home, homeowners need to ensure they complete the proper checks. Experts at Water Regs UK are reminding buyers to check plumbing systems and water supplies in the rush to move into their new home before the end of the year.

With the process of buying a home taking as long as 16 weeks to complete, it’s important new homeowners don’t try to take short cuts.

Many potential homebuyers are hoping to move in before Christmas, despite the long buying process.

Water Regs UK is urging people not to take short cuts when it comes to checking the water systems in their new home.

However, Julie Spinks, Managing Director of Water Regs UK, said the water supply in your home is not where home buyers should be trying to cut corners.

She explained: “Moving into a new home can be a really exciting event and many of us can’t wait to complete, having found the property of our dreams.

“Often we want to speed things up when setting up once moved in, given how long it takes to complete a house purchase, but the water supply in your home isn’t one where you should be looking to cut corners.”

Water Regs UK has shared a list of things homeowners should check when looking at their home’s new water supply.

Your water supplier

Firstly, homeowners should find out who their water supplier is.

Most homes will be supplied by their local water company, however, three percent of homeowners have a private water supplier which can bring its own set of problems.

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You may also need to check who manages your waste water because this could be different again.

Check if you have a water meter

Water meters can make your homes more efficient and reduce your water bill.

They will also be able to give early warnings of leaks if more water is being used than expected.

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Know where the stop tap is

Once you find where this is, you need to check that it’s working.

The stop tap is essential if you have a burst pipe.

Know where the boiler is and when it was last serviced

Potential homeowners should check the boiler’s service history and that any work was completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If you need to make any improvements in your new home, make sure you use compliant fittings and use a qualified installer.

If the seller leaves appliances behind, check they are water efficient

Former homeowners leaving behind appliances might feel like a welcome gesture.

However, they could potentially cost you more in the future.

If you’re buying new appliances look out for the European water label, that provides useful information about water efficiency.

Water Regs UK helps to protect public health and encourages water efficiency by promoting and facilitating compliance with the Water Fittings Regulations.

The company also advises building owners and managers, designers, installers and manufacturers.

Water Regs UK also advises householders on how to make sure the water systems in their own homes are compliant.

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