Driving instructors blast new highway code as ‘recipe for disaster’ with new cycling rules causing ‘chaos’

DRIVING instructors have slammed the new Highway Code branding it a "recipe for disaster."

The new set of rules that came into force last month sees those that can do the greatest harm having the most responsibility to reduce the danger to others.

But driving instructors said it will cause more problems and described the new cycling rules as "chaotic."

In the updated version of the Highway Code there is a "hierarchy of road users."

The pyramid is based on the idea that those who can do the greatest harm – for example, lorry drivers – have the greatest responsibility to avoid hurting others.

Pedestrians, and especially children, the elderly and other vulnerable people, are be at the top.

They’re followed by cyclists, horse riders, motorcyclists and cars, with vans, HGVs and buses at the bottom.

Generally the bigger and heavier you are. the more responsibility you have to those smaller and more vulnerable than you.

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The new laws have left many motorists frustrated with some branding it a “nightmare”.

And now driving instructors come to agree saying the rules will cause more problems.

Phil Jones from Go Learn 2 Drive, branded the new rule of cyclists riding in the centre of the lane a"recipe for disaster." 

He told North Wales Live: "I think overall the amount of collisions involving cyclists is going to increase.

"As a driving instructor we train people to be aware of cyclists and other vulnerable road users but they have also got to take a little bit of responsibility for themselves.

"But I think if they're riding on the roads, then they should be insured, it should be mandatory and they should also have some type of formal training like every other road user."

He added: "As for this riding in the middle of the road, all it's going to do is cause traffic chaos."

"Learner drivers are generally quite nervous around cyclists because they're unpredictable, so they're already frightened and I think this will just make people even more nervous about it.

"I can see that it's going to cause problems because the general standard of driving around here is appalling.

"And it's going to cause drivers to be getting frustrated and overtaking when it's not safe to overtake and it's going to cause more road rage."

Meanwhile, David Hughes, a driving instructor based in Conwy, thinks motorists need to be gradually educated about the new rules.

He said: "I don't disagree with any of the rules, but I've had difficulty finding all the new rules myself so how is my 84-year-old mother going to find out about it?

"I just think it's been introduced fairly quickly and there's not enough information publicised about it."

He added: "Just to drop it in without much notice is bad, it could've been done a lot better.

"People need educating with new rules, you can't just say, if you don't open the door with your left hand you'll get a £1000 fine and that's it.

"You need to be given the right information from the official source."

It comes as a cyclist was spotted mocking the new Highway Code rules by riding slowly in the middle of the road and taking selfies.

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