Early district reports crush media's fears of GOP gerrymandering

The Five – Wednesday, December 22

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Media worries proved unfounded once again after a new report about potential redistricting results.

On Wednesday, Dave Wasserman from the Cook Political Report tweeted out an update on the current trajectory of the 2022 redistricting process. Although the reports are still early, Wasserman argued that the trajectory appears to be producing more “Biden-won congressional districts” as a result.


“National update: on the current trajectory, there will actually be a few *more* Biden-won congressional districts after redistricting than there are now (224/435),” Wasserman wrote.

North Carolina’s current congressional district map, the subject of a legal challenge.
(North Carolina Legislature)

This contrasted earlier fears from media pundits and Democrat politicians that Republican officials would use the redistricting process to steal elections through gerrymandering.

Freelance writer Drew Holden noted several examples of media outlets promoting fears of Republican gerrymandering regarding House districts, including the New York Times who wrote in November “Republicans Gain Heavy House Edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered Maps Emerge.”

In September, the New York Times also faced mockery for attempting to frame gerrymandering as a “tactic long used” by Republicans rather than used by both political parties.

“Facing high stakes in the next midterms, New York Democrats are considering a tactic long used by the Republican Party: gerrymandering,” the tweet read.

In August, MSNBC’s Joy Reid also pushed the idea that gerrymandering by the Republican party will “disenfranchise millions of Americans.”

“Meanwhile, we are gonna have to walk and chew gum at the same time, folks. At this hour, voting rights in the U.S. are still hanging by a thread. Gerrymandering is about to disenfranchise millions of Americans of color who the Census show should be gaining more power, not less,” Reid tweeted. “We are facing a national security threat from white nationalists who feel empowered and emboldened, thanks to a former president of the United States and a major political party that’s willing to ride violent extremism into power.”

CNN also pushed redistricting efforts as a Republican conspiracy in an October episode of “New Day.” John Avlon explained that the GOP attempted to “artificially increase” red territories in Texas.

“But Republicans controlled the state legislature. They weren’t about to make the congressional districts more representative of the actual electorate. No. So they went to work drawing districts that artificially increased their own advantage, connecting suburban districts with sprawling, rural communities, consolidating minority-heavy areas and generally painting Texas red,” Avlon said.

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