Energy bills: 6 ‘quick and easy tips’ that could help you save £355

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Nico Van Der Merwe, Vice President of Home and Distribution at Schneider Electric explained that there are certain smart energy solutions for homes that can help people reduce bills, make their space more comfortable, and maintain reliable power. He suggested some “quick and easy tips” for saving energy this year.

He said: “Simply turning appliances off standby mode and switching off lights when they’re not being used can save households around £75 a year on their annual energy bills.”

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that if everyone in the UK spent a minute less in the shower each day, it would save £215 million in energy bills a year nationwide.

He added: “Simply washing your clothes at a temperature below 40°C, will also have a significant impact on the annual cost of running a washing machine.”

This can be shown on a computer screen or on an in-home display for easy viewing.

Nico explained that when paired with price signals, smart metering data can show users the costs associated with their usage behaviours, allowing them to see the impact of their choices and specific device usage more easily on their bills.

It can help energy customers find ways to cut down on usage and manage their budgets better.

A study by BEAMA emphasises the significant role heating controls play in reducing energy bills and improving home energy efficiency.

Nico said: “By replacing a standard room thermostat with an On/Off load compensation thermostat, users can reduce gas use by 10 percent.

“On/Off load compensation is a proven method of minimising energy use by calculating the demand from a thermostat.

“As the temperature approaches the required setting, the boiler will fire for shorter periods of time, ensuring a constant temperature is maintained.”

This is all controlled via a smartphone app from anywhere in the world, allowing increased control and decreased wastage.

He added: “This superior ability to fine-tune and schedule the system, along with intuitive smart modes, could save up to £200 a year in energy bills.”

“While some people may feel the effects of this due to the layout of their house and their heating system, it is worth trying to see how it feels.

“Research shows that this easy step can save up to 10 percent energy, which could mean a saving of almost £80 a year for many households after the tariff caps are increased in April.

Nico said: “Thinking about the home’s fabric, insulating a house is a great way to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

“Start with draught proofing, such as sealing gaps in window frames and blocking gaps under doors, for a quick and easy way to preserve heat.

“Energy-efficient doors and windows also reduce heat loss, save money and make homes more comfortable. They have the bonus of insulating homes against external noise and reducing condensation build-up indoors.”

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