Energy bills: How much does it cost to charge phones and laptops?

Kadri Simson says electricity needs 'significant investment'

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Kitchen appliances, lightbulbs, and heating are usually the first place we look to cut energy costs, yet few of us think to consider the smaller devices around our homes. Charging laptops and mobile phones are just one thing that’s rarely given a second thought, but the costs can quickly add up. So how much does it really cost to charge electronic devices at home?

According to the energy regulator Ofgem, the cost of electricity currently stands at 28p per kWh, though this will almost double from October 1 under the new energy price cap.

This means that the updated cap period will bring the cost of energy up to 52p per kWh until the figure changes again in January 2023.

While most households pay a daily standing charge of around 45p for “typical usage”, the exact cost of charging your electricals may surprise you.

How much does it cost to charge a mobile phone?

Mobile phones are used constantly throughout the day by most Britons, leaving many of us to recharge for at least a few hours a day to keep them working.

According to U Switch, the “recommended” time to charge a smartphone for is two hours and 40 minutes.

This means that in the UK, the average cost of charging your phone every day of the year for this amount of time costs just 85p.

While this may seem minimal, many of us charge them for much longer, bringing the cost up again.

The total cost of charging one mobile phone per year is very manageable now, though this cost will soon double to around £1.70 under the new energy price cap.

Go Compare estimated that the cost of charging your phone per hour will reach between 13p to 26p per hour based on the October charge of 52p per kWh.

Once you factor in the number of phones being charged every day in your home for a minimum of two hours and 40 minutes, this figure will soon soar.

In fact, the average family of five could expect to pay around £10 or more per year on charging phones alone if energy prices continue to soar.

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How much does it cost to charge a laptop?

While the cost of charging smartphones every day is relatively low, laptops are much more expensive.

Remote working has added to this expense too with many of us swapping the workplace for the kitchen table or home office space.

According to U Switch, charging a laptop for seven hours a day, five days a week, costs an annual average of £12.26.

Go Compare data revealed that the cost per hour to charge will rise to between £1.04 and £3.38 per kWh from October.

Though this may seem a lot more in comparison to phones, charging everyday gadgets is still much more affordable than many household appliances.

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