Every Google Chrome user urged to update and change new setting TODAY

GOOGLE has released an update to its popular Chrome browser and there are some really important new settings worth your attention.

In fact, if you're worried about what data sites have collected, this change is definitely for you.

Before, Google would allow you to only delete cookies that individual sites have on you.

But now the tech giant has decided to beef up its privacy tools with the chance to delete ALL data a site holds.

It forms part of the latest version, Chrome 97, which is available now.

Once installed, go to Settings to get started.

From there, select Security and privacy, followed by Site settings.

You can then go to View permissions and data stored across sites, where you'll be able to see and delete what you like.

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It's one of several improvements Google has been working on for the world's most popular web browser.

Zoom settings have been tweaked so it'll remember how close or far you left different sites.

There have also been the usual under the bonnet performance tweaks as well.

This includes fixes for dozens of "critical" vulnerabilities uncovered by experts.

Google's essential updates usually install automatically, but it's well worth checking just in case.

You can do this by going to Help under the main settings menu in the top right, then choosing About Google Chrome.

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