Face of Egyptian mummy who died 2,000 years ago revealed as boy of 3 or 4 after digital reconstruction

THE face of an Egyptian mummy who died 2,000 years ago has been revealed after it was digitally reconstructed by scientists.

The three to four-year-old boy’s body dates to somewhere between 50BC and AD100.

It is one of Egypt’s “portrait mummies”, meaning it was buried with a painting of the deceased.

A team of scientists from Austria and Germany decided to see how realistic the ­portrait was, using the mummy’s skull to create a true likeness.

They found it was accurate in all ways except one — it showed older traits than the reconstruction.

Lead researcher Andreas Nerlich, of the Institute of Pathology at the Academic Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen in Germany, said: “This may be the result of an artistic convention of that time — it will remain unclear until further similar cases have been investigated.”

The team was also unable to say for certain what colour the eyes and hair were.

The remains were found in Hawara, in Egypt’s Faiyum Basin in the 1880s.

The child is believed to have died of a pneumonia-like condition.

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