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THERE are five ways you can avoid a tyre blowout on your next summer road trip – and it can come down to how you pack.

With the warmer conditions comes a higher chance of a blowout, which can have serious consequences for anyone on the road.

And that's why motorists are being urged to use these five simple tips to keep safe – and they're not as obvious as you think.

Experts say during the warmer months heated air can expand inside the tyres, which ultimately leads to increased pressure and can destroy a tyre.

So, as you should do all year round, keeping a watchful eye on your tyre tread and pressure is a must.

As is avoiding potholes and regularly checking for punctures.

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But, motorists are also being encouraged to think of the saying "less is more" when packing their suitcases and car, and take short breaks during the journey.

A spokesperson from said: “More people will be travelling in the car more than ever this summer and a common mistake is travellers forgetting to monitor their tyre conditions.

“It’s vital for road users to regularly check their tyre pressure and look out for punctures before embarking on a journey.

“The hot weather only worsens tyre conditions, so it’s important to use these helpful tips to prevent the repercussions of a dreaded tyre blowout.”

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The experts tips include:

Less is more when packing up the car

It can be easy to get carried away packing every piece of clothing for a trip, but less is more when loading up the car.

Heavy luggage can increase added pressure to tyres, combined with the warm weather, it can deflate them quite quickly.

Take short breaks on the journey

If you’re planning a road trip or frequent journeys during the summer, it’s important to take short breaks to ease off tyre pressure.

Have a look if there are any sights or activities to do before your destination, as driving on hot roads all day long can increase the risk of over-inflation.

Check and monitor your tyre tread and pressure

The heat can result in the rubber on tyres becoming softer than usual.

This creates more friction on the roads, which can result in over-inflation and eventually tyre blowouts.

The warmer conditions can also make pressure in tyres increase by 1 to 2 psi for every change 10°C.

Keep on top of checking the pressure, as the large increase in tyre air pressure can cause them to explore.

Steer from potholes

Keep an eye on the road as potholes can create issues such as tread separation and punctures which can lead to a blowout.

Be mindful of other drivers and stay sensible when avoiding them.

Regularly look for punctures

How many people do you know who have experienced a tyre puncture?

It’s a common issue for road users from nails on the road to the problems caused by potholes.

Before setting off on a long car ride, always check for any type of puncture and listen to the sound from the tyres when they get moving.

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