Five ways to clean kitchen pans – from baking soda to Coca-Cola

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We’ve all been there – distracted from cooking by TV or a phone call, you come back to find your meal burnt and stuck to the pan. But it doesn’t mean you need to throw the pan away – there’s plenty of solutions already waiting in your kitchen cupboards that will provide an easy fix for burnt pans.

Lime and salt

Skip the margaritas for an evening and use the ingredients to freshen up your kitchen utensils.

Pour salt into the pan where burnt food is and then squeeze a lime on top, and leave for half an hour or so.

Afterwards, wash as normal and scrub to watch the marks come away with ease.


Vinegar contains acetic acid, so it works well at breaking down burnt-on food and stains.

Most vinegars work well for this method, including apple cider and white vinegar.

Pour the vinegar into the pan with some water and bring to simmer for around 20 minutes.

Cream of Tartar

Cover the inside of your pan with a mix of water and cream of tartar.

Leave the solution to soak overnight, then wash the pan as usual the next day.

It might seem strange, but cream of tartar contains potassium hydroxide and tartaric acid both of which help tough stains budge.

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Despite being the most popular drink in the world, Coca-Cola is very acidic.

This means it does a great job of loosening burnt food.

Pour a can into the pan and simmer gently – wash as normal afterwards and burnt food should come off easily.

Baking soda

As always, baking soda is one of the most versatile kitchen cupboard ingredients that can be used to clean just about anything.

Pour baking soda and water into the pan and simmer for around half an hour.

Leave to soak overnight and scrub away in the morning.


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