Football fans at Champions League final will be scanned by Bourne Ultimatum-style facial recognition in UK first

FOOTBALL fans at the Champions League final will be scanned by cops using Bourne Ultimatum-style facial recognition.

South Wales Police has been given £177,000 to become the first UK force to use the technology at the Cardiff event.

Fans will also be monitored at the city’s main train station and matched against 500,000 custody images stored by cops.

Fusion Lead for Facial Recognition, Inspector Scott Lloyd, said: "Like fingerprinting, facial recognition is a form of identification that allows a computer to quickly match similar faces based on facial features."

Hundreds of officers will be watching the spectators pass through large steel barriers and roads across the city will be closed due to fears of a terror attack.



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South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner, Mr. Alun Michael, added: "The introduction of a system such as this will invariably raise certain questions around privacy.

"Whilst I appreciate these concerns I am reassured by the protocols and processes that have been established by the Chief Constable and operational colleagues to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of its use."

Dr Bernal an IT law lecturer at the University of East Anglia said: "It would be most worrying if we move to a situation where everyone's biometric data is stored.

"This needs to be very carefully monitored indeed."

A huge “ring of steel” is being constructed ahead of Juventus’s clash with Real Madrid on June 3.

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