Former CIA officer shows what a Russian cyberattack on the US would look like

A Russian attack on the US could produce chaos: Former CIA officer

Bryan Dean Wright says young Americans would die if Russia attacked the U.S. on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright predicted what would unfold on American soil at the beginning of a hot war with Russia Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT: If in fact this gets hot, what happens? We know that it will escalate. And so that means some of the first steps will be what are called asymmetric, right? Russia can’t sanction our economy in the way that we did his. So he’s going to do things like a cyberattack. I want people to ask themselves tonight: What if in their hometown, Russia were to shut off the lights, or the water? Do you think there might be riots? Probably. You brought forward this very horrific idea and notion tonight … of bread lines. Think that could get violent? Of course it could. So how would people’s mayors and governors respond to riots? We saw it a couple of years ago. Does that give you pause? See the BLM riots? … So we have a whole variety of issues about the sacrifice that will go on. That’s a whole different segment, but it involves young people dying. And we should also be talking about that because our people in Washington aren’t going to be the ones sacrificing.


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