Gen. Kellogg: Russia 'on the edge' of losing war in Ukraine

Gen. Kellogg on why Putin’s forces are failing in Ukraine

Fox News contributor Gen. Keith Kellogg on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Fox News contributor Gen. Keith Kellogg said on Thursday it’s not surprising that Russia is not successful in their war on Ukraine because Vladimir Putin does not have good input from his top advisers.

“When you look at Putin’s primary staff, they’re not well versed in combat. His secretary of defense [Sergei Shoigu] is really a politician. [Valery Gerasimov], the equivalent of our [Mark Milley], their chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, he wrote the doctrine they’re fighting under. It’s a defensive, not offensive doctrine,” Kellogg told “America’s Newsroom.”

Gutted cars following a night air raid in the village of Bushiv, 40 kilometers west of Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, March 4, 2022.
(AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

The former national security adviser to VP Mike Pence said Russia did not concentrate their efforts on their primary mission to take Kyiv and decapitate and eliminate the Ukrainian government. 

“That’s why I said weeks ago, he did not have the troops to task with a plan to even go far to the west past the Dnieper River. They just didn’t do it.”

It has been over a month since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kellogg’s comments came after United Kingdom Military Chief Tony Radakin and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace tore into Putin on Thursday, describing him as a self-imploding authoritarian at the helm of an army that has proved itself to be an embarrassment on the world stage. 

“In many ways Putin has already lost. Far from being the farsighted manipulator of events that he would have us believe, Putin has damaged himself through a series of catastrophic misjudgments,” Radakin said. 

Kellogg explained further that Putin has gotten “bad advice” and his staff has been afraid to talk to him. He also added that Russia underestimated Ukraine forces and their opponent Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“It adds up together. I’m not surprised at all that they have failed and they will continue to fail and they are on the very edge of losing this battle and losing this war.”

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