‘Given me a better life’ Pensioner urges Britons to see if they could get up to £4,600

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Eligible pensioners could be receiving over £4,600 per year through a single benefit claim. However, with 58 percent of applicants being rejected, there are some pivotal mistakes avoid when claiming.

Age UK, the UKs leading later life charity, provides an array of assistance for those in their later years who require help when it comes to understanding and applying for benefits, amongst other services. 

They shared a touching case study on their YouTube channel, depicting the story of Tony Mansfield. 

An accident during his career left Mr Mansfield in pain throughout his life, and he noted that “the last four years” had been especially trying as the pain increased to a “terrible” point. 

He shared: “It started 32 years ago while I was working in the theatre. I was up 32 feet and I fell and unfortunately I’d broken two of my vertebrae.”

Mr Mansfield contacted Age UK to ask for assistance and advice on what he could claim.

An assessor was sent to his home to look around and see what benefits Mr Mansfield could be entitled to. 

She noted she believed he would be eligible for Attendance Allowance although she wasn’t sure whether he would receive the higher or the lower rate.

Mr Mansfield noted that he “didn’t expect anything, or perhaps the lowest” when he applied for the benefit. 

However, Mr Mansfield was awarded the highest rate of Attendance Allowance available. 

He noted that not only did the benefit help him but it “also helped Maria” who was caring for him at the time. 

He shared: “Maria had to do all this, help me out of bed and things like this.”

“It’s given her a better life and also for me, it’s given me a better life to not have to worry about Maria all the time.”

The pair were both highly complimentary of Age UK, noting that the entire process started with a single phone call. 

Age UK provides a range of assistance and services, including straightforward guides on different benefits available to the elderly.

Attendance Allowance is provided at two different rates depending on how much and what type of assistance one needs. 

The lower rate provides £60 per week for those that need help either during the day or at night while the higher rate for those that need assistance all the time or are terminally ill is £89.60 per week. 

Age UK notes that the money from Attendance Allowance does not need to be specifically spent on a carer, it can be used to meet one’s needs or allow them to stay independent in their own home.

To be eligible for attendance allowance, claimants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be over the state pension age
  • Have a physical disability, mental disability or both
  • The disability is severe enough to require assistance caring for themselves or supervision for their own or someone else’s safety
  • Have needed assistance for at least six months unless they are terminally ill
  • Be in Great Britain when claiming
  • Have resided in Great Britain for at least two of the last three years
  • Be habitually resident in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands
  • Not be subject to immigration control

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