Goldman’s Blankfein Says He Might Vote for Trump Over Sanders

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Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein may be a Democrat, but he says he’d probably back President Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders in November.

“There’s a long time between now and then,” he told the Financial Times. “The Democrats would be working very hard to find someone who is as divisive as Trump. But with Bernie they would have succeeded.”

Later, he added, “at least Trump cares about the economy.”

Sanders responded in a tweet later.

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“I welcome the hatred of the crooks who destroyed our economy,” he wrote.

There’s no love lost between Blankfein and Sanders. Last July, Sanders tweeted out a list of Wall Street CEOs who have criticized him in the past, including Blankfein. Sanders quotes Franklin Roosevelt on how he should be judged “by the enemies I have made.” The two then went back and forth on Twitter, with Sanders criticizing Blankfein for the Goldman Sachs bailout.

Earlier this month, Blankfein revived the rivalry, tweeting that Sanders would “ruin the economy.”

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