Google Pixel 6 release date and specs leaked for NEW iPhone 13 rival

GOOGLE'S latest flagship mobile is right around the corner.

The search giant has confirmed that we'll get our first proper look at the Pixel 6 later this month – here's what you need to know ahead of the event.

What is the Google Pixel 6?

Pixel phones are the flagship phones for Google's Android software.

They get the best features first, and run the pure unadulterated version of Android that the search giant has created.

For gadget geeks, Google Pixel phones are one of the biggest rivals to the iPhone – along with Samsung and Huawei.

Google has already announced that the Pixel 6 is in the works, as has even gone as far as to share pictures of the gadget.

There are two versions: A base Pixel 6 and a pricier Pixel 6 Pro with additional features.

We remain in the dark about its specs and features, however, meaning we're having to rely on leaks and rumours to fill the gaps.

Price and release date

Google has announced that the launch event for the new mobile will go live on Tuesday, October 19.

The live-streamed showcase will kick off at 1pm ET (6pm BST).

It's likely that the pre-orders will launch a few days later, probably Friday 22. Sales will probably go live a week later, on October 29.

There's no word yet on how much the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro might cost.

According to Twitter leaker Yogesh Brar, the Pixel 6 will start at $749. It'll likely cost around £649 in the UK.

The Pixel Pro is expected to be a little pricier, coming in with a $1,049 or $1,099 price tag. Expect it to sit around the £1,000 mark across the pond.


We already have a pretty good idea of what the Pixel 6 looks like. Google put the 6 and 6 Pro on display at its flagship New York store last month.

The Pixel 6 on display was shone in a two-tone orange colour, sporting a horizontal black band across the rear in which the camera is housed.

Rumours suggest that the base model phone will also be available in green and black colourways.

As for the larger Pixel 6 Pro, a yellow/gold version was put on display at the Google outlet in Manhattan.

The Pixel 6 Pro will apparently also come in silver and black.

The camera module has two lenses on the Pixel 6 and three on the 6 Pro.

Specs and features

Specs of the phones are yet to be officially confirmed but rumours have been circulating for months.

Based on models already showcased by Google, we know that the Pixel 6 has two rear camera lenses, while the 6 Pro boasts three.

It's believed that the 6's lenses comprise a main sensor and ultra-wide camera. The 6 pro gets an additional 4x optical zoom telephoto lens.

Both phones are rumoured to come with Android 12, the latest and greatest version of Google's smartphone operating system.

The 6's AMOLED display will reportedly clock in at 6.4 inches, while the pro is a little bigger at 6.7 inches.

Rumours suggest the Pro will also have a bigger battery and a better selfie camera than its smaller sibling.

Google has apparently put a lot of focus on the microchip loaded into the handsets.

They'll reportedly come with a new Tensor chip which has extra capacity for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

That could be applied to all sorts of things from processing power to how the phone camera handles taking photos.

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