Hannity: Media calls for unity after spewing 'never-ending, nonstop psychotic rage and hatred for four years'

Hannity: Media double standard ‘repulsive, disgusting, sickening, and sad’

Sean Hannity weighs in on the latest developments surrounding the 2020 election and the Trump campaign’s legal battle in several states

Republicans will not be lectured into calls for "unity" by the same media outlets and Democrats "that spewed never-ending, nonstop psychotic rage and hatred for four years," Sean Hannity said Monday.

"We, you the American people, deserve better," the "Hannity" host told viewers at the start of his show. "It is a national disgrace how some states have handled this election, but I want to start… by saying this because this is important: The double standard we are watching with the mob and the media is beyond disgusting, repulsive, sickening, and sad," he argued.

The media, over the weekend, echoed Joe Biden's call for civility, urging citizens to "accept" the results and band together as the country begins to "heal."

"That's the same mob and the media that spewed never-ending, nonstop psychotic rage and hatred for four years and lied to all of you about so-called Trump-Russia collusion," Hannity observed. 

"The media mob and the Democrats harassed this president, harassed we his supporters for four straight years with lies and conspiracy theories always questioning the legitimacy of this presidency," he went on. 

Hannity said the media have been exposed as a "bunch of hypocrites" with their "empty calls for civility and unity pretending like none of that ever happened. 

"They never accepted the election results in 2016 but in seconds, Joe Biden won, let's tell the world," he said.


The media can try as they might, but Trump supporters are "not going to be lectured by the same media frauds and Democrats, the ones that called us chumps, irredeemable, deplorable, sexist, racist, smelly Walmart shoppers," Hannity asserted.

"We cling to our God, our guns, our Constitution, our religion, and bibles, while they have been fueling a blind rage every second, every hour, of every day," he said.


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