Herschel Walker Appears to Have Been Lying About His Business Record, Too

The Associated Press reported last summer on “exaggerated claims of financial success” by Herschel Walker, the Trump-endorsed Georgia Senate candidate. The investigation found Walker inflated the earnings and size of his chicken business, Renaissance Man Food Services. The extent to which Walker owns his business as opposed to lending his name to it was also questioned by associates, according to testimony in a recent court case.

There’s more. The Daily Beast on Wednesday reported new information regarding the former football star’s business record and the “particularly egregious, false claims” surrounding it.

“Those claims include running the largest minority-owned food company in the United States; owning multiple chicken plants in another state; and starting and owning an upholstery business which was also, apparently, at one point in his telling, the country’s largest minority-owned apparel company,” the report states.

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During a 2016 appearance on a podcast called the Dum Ass Club, Walker went even further by claiming, falsely, that his upholstery company was the largest in the U.S. The upholstery business “doesn’t appear to exist,” however, according to the investigation. Whether Walker is referring to Renaissance Manufacturing or Renaissance Hospitality is unclear, but both are dissolved, and any evidence that he owned either is scant, as his name isn’t on their business records.

Despite this, Walker claimed just two months ago in a speech at the University of North Texas, “I still have about 250 people that sew drapery and bedspreads for me.”

The accumulating examples of Walker’s deceptions and false statements may be one reason why he received an endorsement from former President Trump, who wrote in his 1987 book The Art of the Deal that he often deployed “truthful hyperbole” as “an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”

In addition to using this tactic for his business ventures, a CNN report earlier this month found that the former Georgia Bulldogs running back repeatedly lied about his academic background. Walker did not graduate college in the top one percent of his class, nor was he valedictorian of his high school.

Trump’s support for Walker comes as some Republicans are concerned that the evolution-skeptic candidate’s “baggage is too heavy” to beat Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock. Walker skipped the first GOP primary debate last Saturday, a move his rivals claimed would also harm his chances against Warnock should he win the nomination.

Walker has indicated he won’t be participating in any primary debates. In light of the investigations about his past, perhaps he doesn’t want to face tough questions.

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