How to clean microfibre cloths

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Microfibre cloths were only introduced in England in the 1980s, so they’re a relatively new cleaning invention. This handy towel gently cleans and shines delicate surfaces such as TV screens, car paint, mirrors, windows and more. However, they often get clogged with sticky wax, polish and sealants that are tricky to remove. Here’s how to clean microfibre cloths, according to the experts at Dri-Pak.

Microfibre cloths are made from thin artificial threads, making the material very soft and light.

This is what makes microfibre cloths perfect for cleaning easily-scratched items and surfaces.

A microfibre cloth is a household staple and can be used in nearly any room of the home, so they gather dirt and dust quickly.

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Most cloths can be chucked in the washing machine under any setting using regular laundry products, but microfibre cloths are different.

Microfibre cloths are supposed to be soft and fluffy, not hard and rough.

To keep this texture, you need to wash your microfibre cloths using specific products.

How to clean microfibre cloths

When it comes to washing microfibre cloths, you should never use fabric conditioner.

You might think you’re doing your cloth a service by adding fabric softener or conditioner to the wash, but you’re actually ruining them.

The experts at Dri-Pak said: “Fabric conditioner should never be used with microfibre cloths as it can clog the delicates fibres.”

So how do you clean a microfibre cloth and make sure it maintains its soft texture?

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You don’t need to purchase any fancy cleaning products to clean your microfibre cloths, all you need is a couple of traditional cleaning products.

Purchase some soda crystals, liquid soap, and white vinegar and you’re good to go – you can get all of these products at top quality from Dri-Pak.

If you want to use products you already have at home, make sure they are very gentle and the white vinegar is undiluted.

Pre-soak the cloth with soda crystals in hand-hot water to remove any oily residue from the cloth.

Then, wash the cloth at 40 degrees celsius with liquid soap as the detergent and white vinegar in the conditioner slot.

The liquid soap will gently clean the cloth while the white vinegar ensures any residue or hard water deposits are flushed away in the rinse, according to Dri-Pak’s site.

Once the cycle is over, tumble dry the cloths on a low heat setting with dryer balls or tennis balls.

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