How to dissolve grease and grime on oven racks for £2 – ‘comes up like new’

Mrs Hinch reveals super effective oven cleaning hack

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It doesn’t take long for an oven to get dirty. If the appliance is used every day, baked-on grease, sticky grime and burnt bits are likely to build-up inside the oven and on the racks. While it may be time consuming, cleaning the oven regularly can actually help the appliance to work more efficiently.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Dot Crow asked: “What is the best way to clean oven racks?”

The post received more than 50 comments from cleaning enthusiasts sharing their advice.

Jo Connelly commented: “Best thing I’ve found is Oven Pride’s oven cleaner.”

Mistake Bee said: “Definitely Oven Pride.”

Sheila Tatum wrote: “Oven Pride. You put the shelf in a bag overnight and clean with a soap pad in the morning, comes up like new.”

Gemma Little added: “I agree with all of these comments. Oven Pride really is a miracle cleaner, dissolves grease and grime like you wouldn’t believe.”

Oven Pride’s all-in-one cleaning system helps to tackle tough grease and burnt-on food.

The company said it will leave your oven “sparking clean”.

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It works by placing racks and grills in the Oven Pride bag along with the solution provided and waiting for it to work.

The product can be picked up for £2 in supermarkets.

Other Mrs Hinch fans recommended using Elbow Grease’s All Purpose Degreaser.

Jenny Kane said: “I swear by Elbow Grease, it’s brilliant for all parts of the oven.”

The brand behind the spray said: “The ultimate power degreasing properties of this cleaner make it the only cleaner you will ever need, the uses are endless.

“Elbow Grease cleans pots, pans, kitchen tops, ovens, microwaves, showers, sinks, BBQs, and much, much more.”

The cleaning product can be picked up in various supermarkets such as Asda for as little as £1.

Group members also suggested wrapping the oven racks in kitchen foil along with some dishwasher tablets and placing it in the bath.

Trisha Goman wrote: “Takes a bit longer to do but if you have a bath definitely do the kitchen foil hack.”

Sally Baker added: “I do this and soak them in the bath overnight for best results.” 

To clean the glass, Mrs Hinch fans recommended using The Pink Stuff paste.

Melissa Hamblin commented: “Use The Pink Stuff Paste, leave it on for 10 minutes and then scrub off with a scourer.”

The Pink Stuff Paste is an affordable cleaning paste used by Mrs Hinch and her followers.

The product is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains, ideal for cleaning different areas of the home.

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